As the volume of international trade continues to increase so does the importance of Seafarer welfare.  Seafarers’ centers have always provided comfort, relaxation, an understanding ear and, as far as is possible, a home away from home to seafarers visiting Canadian ports. To the mariner, the seafarer’s center is important as ever. Unfortunately, the public awareness of the institutions is remote at best and their financial and volunteer support scarce.

Today, the role of the International Seafarers’ Society Canada (ISSC), a Registered Canadian charity, is to provide support to those seafarers’ centers, both secular and ecumenical, through financial contributions towards their operating expenditures, grants to specific capital projects and, as requested, suggestions and advice. These fundraising activities do not compete with, nor do they wish to detract from those of local centers.

Seafarer Welfare in Canada

Captain George Adams notes that the International Seafarer’s Society of Canada welcomes questions and especially contributions to help support seafarers who play such a critical part in the trades that are an essential part of our economy. Wave Point Consulting encourages readers to contact International Seafarer’s Society of Canada  and make a donation that will help contribute to enhanced seafarer welfare in Canada. On the Day of the Seafarer June 25, 2013, take the time to read Captain Adam’s valuable insights on the topic of the importance of seafarer centers in this June 2013 BC Shipping News article.