Management Consulting

Our purpose is to help organizations thrive by overcoming the obstacles of moving goods and people to markets. Since the efficient running of our transportation and infrastructure system undergirds the well-being of us all, our mission is to:

  • Benefit others by providing services that enable companies, communities, and individuals to flourish.
  • Contribute value-added solutions that will enhance performance and contribute to more just economic outcomes.
  • Encourage our associates and employees to express their identity through meaningful and creative work.

As a faith-based company, we embrace sound economic, social and environmental stewardship principles that contribute to positive outcomes that advance the mobility of others. We apply our best efforts to work that matters.

Performance Based Commitments

Here is what customers can expect from us:

  • People Matter: Before we start on a project we ensure there is a good fit and that we can help. Along the way, we collaborate with you to customize the project plan, develop solutions and offer guidance that helps you avoid common implementation pitfalls.
  • Character Matters: We are accountable for doing the right things in the right way. To deliver lasting results, our subject matters experts put client’s interests first, listen and respond to your needs, and fairly report research findings. By treating people and ideas with respect, we never lose sight of your short and long term interests.
  • Organizations Matter: Hiring multimodal transportation and logistics infrastructure experts from outside your organization may seem like a risky step. Because of that, clients will never get any pressure from us to make a decision before they are ready. We have no hidden motives. All we care about is what proven approach is best for you. We use our experience to apply both strategic and operational perspectives to craft compelling solutions that will achieve measurable benefits.
  • Results Matter:  We work with clients to define success and develop a plan that delivers lasting value for your organization. Once we agree on the objectives, scope, and cost, we will do what it takes to get the project completed. You will get the total picture of your investment before we start the project. As a result, you will never have to worry about extra charges. To maximize a client’s return on investment, we proactively educate you on emerging issues and best practices to reduce decision-making uncertainty and increase organizational effectiveness.

Social Responsibility

As a Canadian based entrepreneurial venture, Wave Point Consulting Ltd. actively lends our support to organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of economic, social and community life here, and abroad. We do so always mindful of the unique God given blessings and opportunity that we have been afforded. We are pleased to show our support for organizations highlighted below.

Mercy Ships Canada is a registered Society. It is part of Mercy Ships a global charity that has operated a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Mercy Ships is the world’s leading non-governmental, ship-based medical organization. Following the 2000-year-old example of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor, mobilising people and resources worldwide. Mr. Anderson involvement includes serving as Executive Director, Special Advisor/Interim National Director and as a Mercy Ships Canada board and advisory council member.

Collaborative Network

Clients have direct access to a network of senior executives with the necessary expertise and experience to provide forward-looking, timely, cost effective and proven business solutions.

Achieving positive results based outcomes for clients often involves collaborating with very talented and creative senior consultants from industry leading firms. Wave Point Consulting is pleased to have recently worked with:

  • All Forest Solutions Inc
  • Boutique by Design
  • BC Shipping News
  • Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters – British Columbia
  • Capital EDC Economic Development Corporation
  • Centre for Trade Policy and Law
  • CPCS Transcom
  • Davenport Maps Ltd.
  • Davies Transportation Consulting Inc
  • Effect Advisory
  • Global Indigenous Solutions
  • GTS Group International
  • HB Lanarc
  • Hooper Engineering
  • Horseshoe Bay Marine Group
  • IBI Group
  • IHS Fairplay
  • InsideOut Policy Research
  • Integrated Planning & Consulting Ltd
  • Lane Property Advisors
  • Larose Research & Strategy
  • Left Coast Insights – Tourism Development Consulting
  • Licker Geospatial Consulting Co.
  • Lindon Consulting Corporation
  • Lloyd’s Register North America
  • MariNova
  • Malatest Program Evaluation & Market Research
  • QGI Consulting
  • Royal Road University School of Tourism & Hospitality Management | Consulting
  • RMAT Consulting
  • Stantec
  • Secter Environmental Resource Consulting
  • Site Economics Ltd.
  • S5 Services
  • The Maritime Group International