Trade and Transportation

Darryl Anderson, Managing Director is a sought-after writer and speaker. Subjects include trade, bulk and containerized cargo, cruise shipping, maritime policy, and environment.

Mr. Anderson has established himself as a published researcher and author whose work has informed senior decision makers within government and in businesses across Canada and beyond. He has provided maritime transportation and policy analysis to the federal Privy Council Office, provincial cabinet, and appeared as an expert witness for the Canadian Senate to educate Senators regarding the safe marine transportation of hydrocarbons. As a sought-after provider of trade and marine transportation intelligence and advisory services, Mr. Anderson contributes to the Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs, BC Shipping News, Canadian Sailings, Canadian Naval Review, Canadian Transportation Research Forum, Frontline Safety and Security, the Journal of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association, Maritime Studies, and Shipping Network. Recognized by the media as an expert in maritime logistics and shipping. Frequent media contact and commentator in news sources such as Bloomberg News, Business in Vancouver, Canadian Forest Industries Magazine, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Press, CTV, Douglas Magazine, Florida Today, Financial Post, Financial Times, Global Maritime Hub, lobal Maritime Hub, IHS Markit/Fairplay, Invest Calgary Region, The Journal of Commerce, The Georgia Straight, The Globe and Mail, Times Colonist, The Foundry @ Time Inc, Seatrade Magazine, Vancouver Sun and Wood Business, among others.

As a result of his writing and speaking, Darryl has worked with and been interviewed by a variety of organizations to help create and develop high-quality branded content that drives traffic and engagement.

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Maritime Transportation Journalist

 Bulk & Containerized Cargo

  • A Single Key Performance Indicator, BC Shipping News.
  • Canada’s Gateway Ports: Title Holders and Contenders, BC Shipping News.
  • Canadian and U.S. Port Infrastructure Funding and Policy, Pacific Ports Magazine.
  • Forest Exports: Old and Second Growth Opportunities, BC Shipping News
  • Inland Logistics and Terminals Drive Gateway Growth, BC Shipping News.
  • Intermodal Rail Energizes Port Traffic, BC Shipping News.
  • Intermodal Rails’ Contribution to Port Traffic, Maritime Executive.
  • Local Logistics Serve Global Opportunities, BC Shipping News.
  • Natural Gas Liquid Exports Via Pacific Northwest Ports, BC Shipping News
  • Port Trucking Off the Rails, BC Shipping News.
  • Record Grain On the Move, BC Shipping News.
  • Why LNG will not be the only new fuel looking for new markets, Canadian Sailings.
  • Vital Cargo Flowing Short Distances: Short Sea Shipping, BC Shipping News.

 Cruise, Passenger & Ro-Ro

  • Auto Logistics Driving Port Activity, BC Shipping News.
  • BC.’s Cruise Industry Cluster, BC Shipping News.
  • Big Ship Ready – Cruise Terminal Planning, BC Shipping News.
  • Canada’s Cruise Advantages, BC Shipping News.
  • United States Pacific Coast Cruise Outlook, BC Shipping News.
  • West Coast Cruise: 2013 Outlook, BC Shipping News.

 Maritime Policy, Environment & Security

  • Aquatic Invasive Species (Biofouling) in the Maritime Transport Industry, BC Shipping News.
  • Coast Guard Responds to Changing Seas, BC Shipping News.
  • Containerized Cargo Hazardous & Noxious Substances Risk – It’s in the Can, BC Shipping News.
  • Discontent At Sea – The Illegal Transport Of Migrants By Ship, BC Shipping News.
  • Fuelling Improvements and Change in Maritime Transport Emissions, BC Shipping News.
  • Marine Terminals – Port Security, Frontline Safety & Security.
  • Power In The Hands Of The Few- Regionalism and Port State Control, Shipping Network.
  • Oil-by-rail: the start of the second period, Canadian Sailings.
  • Shipping’s Environmental Regulatory Outlook, BC Shipping News.
  • Shipping Oil Off The West Coast – What Policies Exist Or Are Needed To Support It? Journal of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association.
  • Setting the Pace for Green Technology Use in Maritime Transport, BC Shipping News.
  • The Face of Seafarer’s Rights – An International and Local Perspective, BC Shipping News.
  • The Maritime Labour Convention – Persistence, Policy Significance and Port State Control, BC Shipping News.
  • West Coast Oil Tankers – The Gathering Storm Intensifies, Canadian Sailings.
  • What does “world-class response” really mean? Canadian Sailings.

Shipbuilding & Repair

  • Government of Canada invests over $250 million in Esquimalt Graving Dock, BC Shipping News.
  • Lockheed Martin and Seaspan Shipyards celebrate handover of HMNZS Te Kaha, BC Shipping News.

 Trade & Logistics

  • APICS Offers New Certification in Canada, Inside Logistics.
  • Canada Transportation Act Review, BC Shipping News.
  • Economic and Business Outlook Brightens for 2014, BC Shipping News.
  • Federal Maritime Commission Inquiry Threatens to Blow B.C.’S Container Trade On To The Rocks, BC Shipping News.
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore’s Reverse Logistics Solution, BC Shipping News.
  • How to Trade with a Dragon, BC Shipping News.
  • Prospects for Canadian Port’s Cold Cargo Heat Up, BC Shipping News.
  • Seizing Canada’s Potential: A Renewed Trade Policy Agenda, BC Shipping News.
  • Shifting Tailwind Propel Canada’s Energy Trade, BC Shipping News.
  • Trade Disputes Drive Need for Skilled Logistics and Transport Officials, BC Shipping News.
  • Stopping Supply Chain Slavery in Canada, BC Shipping News.
  • Trade Reliant, Trade Compliant, BC Shipping News.
  • Trans Pacific Partnership – Where’s The Beef? BC Shipping News.