On March 18, 2013, the Government of Canada held a press conference to announce that it was enacting new steps to ensure that Canada has a “ world-class tanker safety system”. Perhaps the most significant element of the government’s announcement to create a world-class response Canadian marine pollution prevention and response regime was the establishment of a Tanker Safety Expert Panel. Short of drastic alterations to maritime trade, the ability to consistently maintain world-class standards for Canadian marine pollution prevention and response is imperative to address the criticisms from non-government environmental groups.

Strengthening Canadian Marine Pollution Prevention and Response

Wave Point Consulting Associate J. Joseph Spears in this May 2013 BC Shipping News article states he is confident this world-class Panel will ask the hard questions and make recommendations that will strengthen Canada’s ocean governance. Canada’s economic future and the protection of British Columbia’s coastline depend on getting this right. With Captain Gordon Houston at the helm, there is no doubt that a substantial course will be steered.