Wave Point Consulting’s cruise port and ferry consultants specialize in cruise shore excursion tour products, destination and seaport development.

Ferry & Cruise Tourism Development Market Analysis

North Coast Ferry Report (2018)

Independent research commissioned by Tourism Prince Rupert makes a compelling case for the primary importance of designing BC ferry services to meet the needs of the Tourism industry and its customers. A ferry industry study led by Wave Point Consulting highlights the potential for tourism growth and the crucial role that BC Ferries can play in supporting and sustaining economic development on Northern Vancouver Island, and in Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii and communities across British Columbia that service Totem Route travellers. Drawing attention to the fact that the greatest opportunities for sustainable economic development in Northern BC lie in the Tourism sector, the report calls for a number of actions on the part of the Provincial Government and BC Ferries, including:

  • Recognizing that BC Ferries plays a critical role in supporting the development of the Tourism sector in Northern BC;
  • Extending the peak summer season sailing schedule into June and September, which would increase service capacity during these periods – similar to the peak season schedule that was in place prior to 2014.
  • Providing a five-year service guarantee for BC Ferries Northern Routes – to enhance the degree of certainty that tourism operators have with respect to ferry schedules; and
  • Engaging in sustained dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders in the Tourism sector – to address challenges and to make the most of the economic opportunities.

The commissioned study represents a first opportunity to bring the voice of the Tourism sector to the discussion about the future of the service provided by BC Ferries. The research report demonstrates the need for immediately extending ferry service in the shoulder seasons.

Maritime Passenger Transport Pacific Northwest (2008-2016)

Mr. Anderson has been an advisor to confidential clients on technical and business development concepts for firms doing market and due diligence research related to the provision of scheduled or chartered marine passenger services in the Salish Sea and the Pacific Northwest. Typical cruise and ferry industry project assignment tasks include reviewing business model, target demographics, marine and tourism industry and market characteristics, analysis of total traveling market (the type of traveler and origin and destination pairs), pricing and yield management tactics and infrastructure development considerations, including regulatory, safety and commercial negotiations with seaport authority and other officials. One of our clients was V2V Vacations. V2V is a daily luxury cruise service linking downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria in British Columbia. V2V Vacations offers a uniquely beautiful, comfortable and convenient service for the traveller.

Aboriginal Tourism Opportunities within the Cruise Industry (2014)

cruise tourism consultantThe Wave Point Consulting team was contracted by SHOWUSMARKETING on behalf of the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia to assist the Aboriginal Tourism Marketing Circle. The business issue was to capture the growth in cruise port market opportunities that exist for Aboriginal communities, bands, entrepreneurs, and organizations in the cruise tourism sector. Our tourism consultants provided a profile of the six major geographic cruise markets across Canada and professional insights related to the potential economic benefits, how tourism industry participants can effectively work with the cruise industry and case study examples of best practices regarding product development and marketing. Readers are invited to view the Cruise Ship Opportunities website.

British Columbia Mid-Coast Ferry Service Situation & Outlook Report (2014)

Marine Transportation - Wave Point ConsultingThe Wave Point Consulting team in collaboration with Left Coast Insights were selected for this project by a group of tourism stakeholders coordinated by the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC). In response to the changes in ferry service, the vision for this project is to answer the following critical question: What are the best steps required to restore and build tourism on BC’s north and mid-coast, including the affected mainland portions of BC? Regional stakeholders believed that improving transportation links, notably local ferry service, is one of the keys to success in this endeavour. The results of the ferry and tourism market reseaech study were used by stakeholders and government policy mmakers to reintroduce a new ferry service and schedule in 2018 to serve the North Coast and Great Bear Rainforest region of British Columbia.

Wei Wai Kum Cruise Ship Terminal (2009)

Wave Point Consulting Ltd was asked by the client to complete business development and operational activities in support of a new cruise port in Campbell River, BC. As a tourism consultant, Mr. Anderson was involved in all aspects of marketing strategy, marine terminal operations, and cruise tourism product development. The Campbell River Indian Band’s Wei Wai Kum Cruise Ship Portal was completing the initial phase of business start-up and infrastructure development. As a relatively new business venture, the Cruise Ship Portal faced the challenge of creating market awareness of the services and products available as well as rapidly shifting economic conditions. A promotional campaign was implemented to increase market awareness amongst the cruise lines, cruise travel trade and the cruise consumer for both the cruise terminal and local shore excursion products.

Market Research & Marketing Victoria International Marina (2008-09)

Cruise Tourism Development - Wave Point ConsultingWave Point Consulting prepared the marketing and pricing strategy report for the creation of a new destination superyacht marina in the Pacific Northwest. Darryl Anderson provided effective communications during public consultation events such as open houses. Business Issue: Wave Point Consulting documented the unique demand and supply characteristics of the BC marketplace thereby reducing project investment risk and helping to ensure the project was aligned with customer needs. Thus, making it a more attractive business opportunity for equity investors and more secure for issuers of corporate loans during the construction and operating phase.

Navigating the Eddies in the Maritime Leisure Transport Sector in British Columbia (2010)

Cruise ferry tourism - Wave Point ConsultingAs an independent researcher, Mr. Darryl Anderson of Wave Point Consulting co-wrote the terms of reference, developed study methodology and completed the report. The objective of the report was to highlight significant developments in British Columbia’s maritime leisure transport sector from a demand and supply side perspective along with the trends and factors influencing each of the sector’s main participants. The identification of the structural changes that have occurred in each segment of the  cruise port, ferry inustry and mega-yacht segement of market were porfiled so that their need could be considered in tourism market development efforts. Conclusions and specific recommendations on how to encourage further innovation to help contribute to sustainable growth of the maritime leisure transport sector rounded out the discussion.

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Tourism Consultant & Planning

Ugu District South Africa Maritime Strategy (2016)

Strategy Consulting - Wave Point ConsultingLocated in the south-eastern region of the KwaZulu-Natal province, the district is within the hinterland of Durban port. The current maritime industry is also characterized by beach tourism establishments, small-scale fishing, and some processing. The potential exists for individuals and firms in the Ugu district to play a more significant role in KZN’s ocean economy. The objective of this assignment is to assess the comparative strengths and opportunities for the port and maritime industries and to make recommendations on how the local industry could be made more competitive to grow. South African based Lindon Corporation has retained Wave Point Consulting to provide maritime consulting expertise as the project team examines coastal tourism, connectivity to existing ports and the development of small craft harbours and aquaculture.

Connecting Destinations, Moving Tourists: A Passenger Gateway Strategy for Greater Victoria (2012)

Cruise tourim development - Wave Point ConsultingMr. Anderson was engaged as a facilitator and multi-modal transport subject matter expert by Tourism Victoria to lead the creation of the strategy. Business Issue: the purpose of the project was to lead a team of volunteers and industry representatives in the development a Passenger Gateway Strategy for Greater Victoria by initiating, coordinating and receiving input from all vital parties related to ways to improve the efficiency of passenger transport and infrastructure investment requirements. The strategy highlighted common areas of opportunity for maintenance, enhancement, and development of transportation services and infrastructure that will result in the more effective and efficient movement of people to and within the Greater Victoria area. The visitor experience to the destination was enhanced by the collective efforts and efficiency of service and infrastructure providers by focusing on transportation service quality and thereby contribute to sustainable growth in market share for the tourism sector.

Tourism Update & Cruise Tourism Dialogue Session (2012)

Wave Point Consulting Business DevelopmentMr. Anderson conceived and co-organized a cruise tourism strategy sessions for business, community, and First Nations leaders. Invited participants from the north central Vancouver Island region participated in this tourism update meeting. Business Issue: the purpose of this dialogue and brainstorming session was to explore the implications and market opportunities (for the cruise and other tourism products) arising from the British Columbia’s tourism strategy Gaining the Edge and Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia The Next Phase action plan for the development of Aboriginal cultural tourism. Presenters included the local destination marketing organization, Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia, and Wave Point Consulting Ltd. Event participants included members of the local tourism advisory committee, tour operators, Chamber of Commerce, community representatives and Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada. The results of this session were used to guide the development of the Campbell River Indian Band cruise port development strategy.

Coastal Tourism Strategy Discussion Brief (2011)

Mr. Darryl Anderson, Managing Director Wave Point Consulting, wrote a brief that discussed the impact of changing economic conditions, consumer sensitivity to travel costs and new market opportunities as significant trends affecting the health of the tourism industry in British Columbia. Business Issue: the research summarized developments in BC and cited international examples of coastal tourism strategies as a holistic response to proactively address these trends. The brief suggested that initial efforts on engaging leaders of the transport services (ferry, cruise, super-yachts and air) and infrastructure that enable tourism would serve to leverage existing private and public sector investments, sales and promotion tactics. Over the longer term, the creation of a coastal tourism market development strategy could contribute significantly to sustainable economic development on Vancouver Island and the coastal regions of British Columbia.

Cruise Tourism Community Initiative (2007)

cruise tourism development consultantMr. Darryl Anderson co-led the introduction of a pilot project that was designed to provide a high-quality visitor experience for cruise tourists in Victoria BC and to enhance the quality of life for local results.  The cruise port initiative successful introduced best management practices and environmental initiatives that minimized and mitigated the potential impacts of cruise tourism and enhanced efficiency. The initial efforts focused on improved ground transportation planning for modes of moving guests. The project achieved executive level accountability from a cross section of industry participants (cruise lines, shipping agents, City of Victoria, tourism operators, and community association). The successful pilot has now become permanent and is known as the Cruise Tourism Community Partnership.