Transportation and logistics trends for business-led economic development was one of the important subjects examined at a leading economic development conference. The British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) presented its 2017 Annual Summit in Victoria, BC  in June  2017. The conference was an opportunity to highlight success stories, lessons learned, share cutting-edge ideas, and engage colleagues at the premier event for economic development practitioners in British Columbia.

The Summit theme was “Making Waves, Embracing Diversification and Local Success.” Successful economic development depends on a team that can identify and foresee challenges, embrace diversity and capitalizes on opportunities. Sometimes you have to make waves to shake things up in a community and to get key players all working together for the ultimate economic development success.

The 2017 BC Economic Summit looked at what is Making Waves throughout BC right from the Provincial Capital to individual communities. The Summit showcased what is shaping communities and how they are riding the wave to a more resilient and stronger local economy.

The session Transportation and Logistics Trends for Business-Led Economic Development featured Phil Davies, Lois Yates, Darryl Anderson and Patrick Marshall. The expert speakers and audience members explored the topics:

  • Trade Flows, Gateways & Corridors.
  • How Supply Chains Influence Economic Development in North America.
  • Transport & Logistics Systems for Resilient Rural Economies.
  • Business Retention & Attraction Implications.

The annual BC Economic Summit attracted over 200 local, regional, First Nations, national and international experts in the field of economic development and elected officials from various parts of British Columbia. Session attendees were provided with practical inisghts that could be applied to their region and community in British Columbia. The research finding and inisghts in the presentation below offers transportation and logistics trends for buiness-led economic development that may be applied in other communities. A PDF copy of the presentation can be downloaded.