BC Shipping News has teamed up with Wave Point Consulting to undertake the second Surface Transportation Annual Review (STA) Survey. The survey provides vital information on what industry insiders are thinking about the business outlook for maritime commerce and the performance of Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and British Columbia’s ports.

The STAR survey is grouped into three main topics:

1. General economic/business confidence, growth prospects, and international trade developments.
2. Logistics performance, perceptions and assessment.
3. Management priorities in regards to international markets, logistics/transportation and sustainability initiatives.

BC Shipping News published the results in February 2015, and copies of the survey findings are available for downloading at this website.

The STAR Survey results were presented at Cargo Logistics Canada Conference on Thursday, January 29, 2015, during the session entitled “Gateway Logistics & Performance Challenges.” The first part of the session will present survey highlights before a team of industry experts on rail, shipping/gateway efficiency and bulk cargo and then drill down to discuss particular system performances challenges. Panelists will address the question of what strengths drive the current system’s performance level and what infrastructure, policy, or commercial challenges lie on the horizon that need to be addressed. Session participants will be encouraged to provide their views on potential solutions as well as discuss key topics such as the Canada Transportation Act review and how policy changes will impact on expected trade growth.

Darryl Anderson, Managing Director, Wave Point Consulting & Regular Contributing Writer, BC Shipping News

Charles Birt, President, Birt Consulting
James Frost, President, MariNova Consulting Ltd.
Mark Hemmes, President, Quorum Corporation

BC Shipping News and Wave Point Consulting look forward to seeing you at Cargo Logistics Canada.