In Canada, the issues around proposed oil tanker and pipeline risk are emotionally, and politically charged and are not going away anytime soon.

K. Joseph Spears suggests in this April 2013 Canadian Sailings article that Canada will need to work continuously to maintain its high standards. Mr. Spears is confident the recently appointed federal Panel will not be afraid to ask the hard questions and make recommendations that will strengthen Canada’s safety standards and minimize the probabilities of marine spills.

Oil Tanker But Not Pipeline Risk

The Tanker Safety Expert Panel’s mandate does not currently include the same independent review of operational pipeline safety.  It is hoped that the federal government will correct that shortcoming in an expedient fashion so that the rewards and oil tanker and pipeline risk, from oil company tank farm to international waters can be independently assessed and appropriate solutions found. If Canada’s is to prosper in the Pacific century, it must have access to global markets for all its exports including energy commodities that are moved by oil tankers and pipelines. We do not have the luxury of not reaching consensus on this issue that is of vital interest to our economy.