At Cargo Logistics Canada 2015 BC Shipping News and Wave Point Consulting presented the results of the Surface Transportation Annual Review at the Gateway Logistics Performance & Challenges session. This timely and informative survey explores the business outlook, current performance and challenges of the transportation and logistics sector that serve Canada’s Pacific Gateway and British Columbia’s ports.

The first part of the session provided survey highlights before a team of industry experts on railway industry, shipping/gateway efficiency and bulk cargo then drilled down to discuss particular system performance challenges. Panelists addressed questions of what strengths drive the system’s performance level and what infrastructure, policy and commercial challenges on the horizon that need to be addressed.

Gateway Logistics Performance & Challenges Moderator: James Frost, President MariNova Consulting Ltd

Speakers Presentations:

Darryl Anderson, Managing Director Wave Point Consulting & Regular Contributing Writer BC Shipping News

Mark Hemmes, President Quorum Corporation

Charles Birt, President Birt Consulting

While increasing economic and business confidence is a source of good news, the Panelists will argue that we need to remain vigilant regarding improving system performance if we are to reap the full rewards of increased trade over the longer term. High trade volumes at or near record container traffic flows have placed downward pressure on service quality and price satisfaction while increasing expectations of higher prices in key logistics service that support trade growth point toward tightening service and infrastructure capacity. Read the results of the 2015 Surface Transportation Annual Review in this February BC Shipping Newarticle.