Ensuring the Vancouver Gateway’s logistic infrastructure is future ready was a timely keynote addresss to the 2016 BCIT International Business Management Program (IBMP) Showcase. It was a networking event where students of IBMP and program-related professionals and organizations came together.

IBMP students complete a ten-week Business Consulting Project in their final term. Students work in team’s of two to three individuals and spend three days a week developing a solution to a real business problem for a company. The student teams collect and analyze data, create recommendations, and present their findings to company management.

The student-organized Showcase evening was an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and capabilities as they prepared themselves for their future careers. There was a period of mingling and buffet dinner followed by an award show where students had an opportunity to showcase their industry projects.

A keynote speaker presentation by Wave Point Consulting closed for formal program for the evening.