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Solutions for Economies on the Move

We help organizations thrive by overcoming the obstacles of moving goods and people to markets.


Four Ways We Make Your Company Stronger

  • Market entry strategies for client’s selling their products or services into the logistics, trucking, intermodal, rail, shipping, seaport, cruise and ferry sectors.
  • Commercial, operational, or policy analysis to increase competitiveness and enhance supply chain performance. 
  • Develop transportation solutions that embrace economic, social and environmental stewardship principles to advance mobility.
  • Identify logistics real estate market opportunities, mitigate project risk and reduce the time to market.

Customer Focus

We serve small-cap firms, mid-market businesses, and government clients with international trade, freight, or passenger interests.

The Wave Point Consulting team of highly skilled, problem solvers combines creative strategy solutions, routes, transport modes, commercial tactics and regulatory insights to achieve proven results to address your growth opportunities.

Wave Point Consulting Ltd. is a bespoke Canadian management consultant specializing in strategy, international business development, multimodal transportation, and logistics real estate solutions. View our impact stories to see how we create value for our clients. 

Shipping Matters

The Shipping Matters Blog is your chance to see how our management consultants contribute to more effective logistics, transportation, and distribution solutions. Explore the discussion and tap into the essential resources that can benefit your firm.

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